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Bobby Diaz is still producing some amazing stuff. The new addition is native support for SQL functions. Take a look at this code:

DateTime date = new DateTime(1960, 1, 1);

var query = ( from e in db.Employees
                   where db.Methods.Year(e.BirthDate) >= date.Year && db.Methods.Len(e.FirstName) > 4
                   select e.FirstName )
new StringBuilder(), (sb, name) => sb.Length > 0 ? sb.Append(", ").Append(name) : sb.Append(name));

Console.WriteLine("Birthdays after {0}:", date.ToString("yyyy"));

Check out Bobby's post for the full details. I am going to write a full overview of the current state of Linq for NHibernate soon. The situation so far is looking very nice.

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Bobby Diaz has implemented orderring and paging support for Linq to NHibernate, so this works:

(from c in nwnd.Customers select c.CustomerID)

As well as this:

var query = from c in nwnd.Customers
   where c.Country == "Belgium"
   orderby c.Country descending, c.City descending
   select c.City;

Thanks again, Bobby, and the new code is on SVN.


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