Package management for .NET: Nu

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Package management for .NET has long been an issue. I won’t rehash the story, but you can read about a lot of the problems here.

There has been several attempts to replicate the success of Gems in Ruby, but none has really taken hold. Dru Sellers & Rob Reynolds had decided to take a slightly different approach. Instead of trying to replicate Ruby’s gems, just use them.

That is how Nu was created (and I really want to know what that name was picked, I nearly titled this post Dr. No). Before you can use Nu, you need to install it, which means that you have to make the following one time steps:

  • Install Ruby (you can also use Iron Ruby, but the Ruby installer is just sweet & painless).
  • gem install nu

Once this is done, all you need to do to install a piece of software is just write:

  • nu install rhino.mocks
  • nu install nhibernate

And Nu will get the latest version (including resolving dependencies) and put them in your lib folder.

After executing the two commands above, I have the following contents in my lib directory.

  • castle.core
  • castle.dynamicproxy2
  • log4net
  • nhibernate
  • rhino.mocks

I like it, it is going to make things so much simpler!