Life altering decisions

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I recently had the chance to reminisce, and I run into this post, this is me in 2004, talking about my logo:

ayende's logo

People frequently ask my, “Why Rhinos?”, here is the answer, from way back ago:

I thought about using some sort of a symbol to create the logo, I toyed for a while with the Windings font, but found that lacking for my purposes, then I thought about using an animal's shadow as the watermark. I thought about using some sort of dragon or a wolf, but those are really banal. I spent some time thinking about it until I finally decided to use a Rhino, I just thought about it and I think that it's cool. Beside, I don't know anyone else that uses Rhinos.

The logo and the general orange theme of the blog, were decisions that I just made, there was no deep thinking involved. My living room has a lot of orange in it right now, and I have a Rhino tattoo.

It is funny how such small a decision can have such a significant impact.

Can you imagine Wolf.Mocks?