System.Reflection.Emit fun: Find the differences

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This is annoying, I am trying to make something like this works using SRE:

public void Foo(out T blah)
    blah = (T)Arguments[0];

I created the SRE code to generate the appropriate values, but it is producing invalid code.

Works, but not verified IL:

    L_0089: stloc.2
    L_008a: ldarg.1
    L_008b: ldloc.2
    L_008c: ldc.i4 0
    L_0091: ldelem.ref
    L_0092: unbox.any !!T
    L_0097: stobj !!T
    L_009c: ret

Works, valid (csc.exe output, of course):

    L_000d: stloc.1
    L_000e: ldarg.1
    L_000f: ldloc.1
    L_0010: ldc.i4.0
    L_0011: ldelem.ref
    L_0012: unbox.any !!T
    L_0017: stobj !!T
    L_001c: ret

And yes, the stloc.2, and stloc.1 are expected.