Unit Testing Database: Embedded vs. In Memory..

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A while ago I extolled the benefits of using an in-memory database for tests. Now, the only in memory database that I know of (that has a ADO.Net provider) is SQLite. SQLite is a great database, except for one tiny issue. It is has a really weak support for dates, requiring your to jump through multiply hops to do anything even slightly interesting with dates.

Since I am mostly working on business applications, strong support for dates is a crucial issue for me. With great relucance, I moved my tests to use SqlCE embedded database. This is still an order of magnitude faster than going to a remote server, but it was much slower than running the whole test in memory, never touching the disk.

The speed difference became acute when I tried to run many Unit Tests (vs. Integration Tests) using the embedded DB, it was far too slow to be a real unit test framework.

For this reason, I now have two ways of using database from unit tests, using In Memory for most tests, and using Embedded DB when dates are important. You can check the code here.

Anyone can recommend a .NET accessible in memory database with good dates handling?