Negative feature responseProtect the user from accidental collection deletion

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imageA RavenDB user has accidentally deleted a collection. They intended to do something else, probably, but…  They have a backup, but as you can imagine, this is a bad place to be in.

They talked to us and mentioned that they want a feature where deletion in the studio can be locked by a password or even two factor authentication, to prevent such a scenario.

We are not going to implement such a feature. From a technical perspective, this is a pretty easy thing to do, of course. My issue is that it doesn’t make sense for such a feature to exist. Let me dig into the details and explain what the problem is.

Locking deletes behind a password or two factor authentication is a security feature. That has a major impact on all aspects of the design. However, this is about preventing mistakes on the part of the user, not another security capability (this user can do deletes, this one cannot).

As such, this isn’t a security feature, but a UX one. The delete is already asking for confirmation, but it is the sort of thing that you rarely read,  as we all know.

The distinction between a security feature and a UX feature is important. If this is a security feature, that means that I need to prevent doing mass deletes everywhere. As the result of queries, iterating over ids, in patch operations, etc. If this is a UX issue, that is a whole different level.

Looking at other such destructive operations, where the user is allowed to do the operation, but we want to prevent accidents leads me to consider something like this:


Where we require the user to perform some action if there is a major risk. That shifts the burden to the user, but it means that we now need to consider how to apply this.

Are we dealing with just mass deletes? What about update queries?

The purpose here isn’t to prevent the user from making the operation, but to have them stop and consider for a moment. The problem is that for common operations, that is something that you would add a significant amount of friction to your daily work.

When working on importing data, for example, it is common to delete the previous run each time that you run (think, development time, every 3 minutes). Adding hurdles along the way is a PITA.

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