ayende.com is now running on Voron

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FireworksAfter about a week of running (and no further issues Smile) on the Esent database, we have now converted the backend database behind this blog to Voron.

The process was done by:

  • Putting App_Offline.html file for ayende.com
  • Exporting the data from blog.ayende.com database using the smuggler.
  • Deleting the database configuration from RavenDB, but retaining the actual database on disk.
  • Creating a new RavenDB database with Voron as the new blog.ayende.com database.
  • Importing the data from the previous export using smuggler.
  • Deleting the App_Offline.html file.

Everything seems to be operating normally, at least for now.

To my knowledge, this is the first production deployment of Voron Smile.