What is new in RavenDB 3.0?

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“I don’t know, why are you asking me such hard questions? It is new, it is better, go away and let me play with the fun stuff, I think that I got the distributed commit to work faster now. Don’t you have a real job to do?”

That, more or less, was my response when I was told asked that we really do need a “What has changed” list for RavenDB. And after some kicking and screaming, I agreed that this is indeed something that is probably not going to be optional. While I would love to just put a sticker saying “It is better, buy it!”, I don’t think that RavenDB is targeting that target demographic.

There is a reason why I didn’t want to compile such a list. Work on RavenDB 3.0 actually started before 2.5 was even out, and currently it encompass 1,270 resolved issues and 21,710 commits. The team size (as in people actually paid to work on this on this full time, excluding any outside contributions) grew to just over 20. And we had close to two years of work. In other words, this release represent a lot of work.

The small list that I had compiled contained over a hundred items. That is just too big to do justice to all the kind of things we did. So I won’t be doing a single big list with all the details. Instead, I’m going to do a rundown of the new stuff in separate blog post per area.

All the indexing improvements in one blog post, all the client API changes in another, etc.

At a very high level, here is the major areas that were changed:

  • Voron
  • RavenFS
  • HTML5 Studio
  • Operations
  • Indexes & Queries

I’ll get to the details of each of those (and much more) in the upcoming posts.

Because there is so much good stuff, I'm afraid that I'll have to break tradition. For the following week or so, we are going to be moving to a 2 posts a day mode.

Also, please remember that we're hosting two RavenDB events in Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden next week. We'll be talking about all the new stuff.

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