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Tooling shout out: .NET Memory Profiler

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To start with, I don’t have any association with them, I got nothing (no money, free license, promise of goodwill or anything else at all) from the SciTech Software (the creators of .NET Memory Profiler.

This tool has been instrumental in figuring out our recent memory issues. I have tried dotTrace Memory, JustTrace and WinDBG, but this tool outshone them all and was able to point us quite quickly to the root cause that we had to deal with, and from there, it was quite easy to reach a solution.

Highly recommended.


Ben Joyce

I had a couple of memory leaks in two recent projects, both related to Lifestyle choices in my Windsor DI configuration, and I used the ANTS Memory Profiler from Redgate to find/resolve it. I will try this tool out and report back on its diagnostics.


When investigating a memory issue, I have also found that .NET Memory Profiler is superior to tools of some other well known vendors.

Ken Egozi

where are the good old days? we'd be printing the whole thing out to a 20 feet of continuous paper through the dot-matrix printer, then using a pen to locate the bug.

you youngsters and your hip tools.

get off my lawn.

srsly - I need to check this one out. Had reasonable experience with ANTS and dotTrace in the past, but this one looks to be less fancy, but digging deeper. I'll give it a try next time I'm in trouble

Karim Ahmed

Yeah it is way better than other .Net memory profilers, it provides tools and ways to find out the leaks that are very good. Used it in many scenarios and it never failed me.

Paul Shmakov

I second that. While dotTrace and ANTS profilers look easier and friendlier, only the SciTech tool helped me to figure out really tricky leaks a couple of times.

Omer Mor

+1 on that. I had lost count on the number of times it saved our asses. It's way more professional than the other, even though it has much less glitter. And it's ability to import and analyze memory dump is genius.


I couldn't agree more. It is so easy to use, and guides you in the right direction. I have introduced it in many projects, and everyone is amazed.

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