The one reason I want .Net 2.0 now

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It's not generics, and it's not SQL Server Express, or anonymous delegates.

It's VS.Net 2005 ability to show me the content of unhandled exceptions that while debugging. VS.Net 2003 just show me an ugly dialog, with 2K5, I can check what the problem is, and in 99% it's just one second change.

I'm currently exploring NHibernate and I'm getting a lot of those exceptions, and it's annoying to stop debuggin, put try/catch blocks, read the exception message, explore inner exceptions and then make a single change, and then it works.

It makes a short task much longer than neccecary. Anyone knows about an add-in for VS 2K3 that does this? I would move to VS 2K5, but it doesn't support Resharper, and I'm addicted to it.