RavenDB 4.0 release status

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imageThis post is mainly to get some information out, because people pointed out that we have been very quite about this recently.

We have been very quite because we have been focused on working on the release. We are a couple of days away from final code freeze and feature freeze went into affect a few weeks ago. We have also been hard at work filling up the documentation, setting up a new website, etc. Everything is on track for the scheduled release this month.

Following the release, we are going to focus primarily on finishing up the documentation and releasing all the other clients (Java, Ruby, Go, Python, Node.js are in various states of completion). I’m writing a lot for the book, and I hope that it will be complete in a few more months, it is already over 300 pages and I think it does a good job of covering, in depth, everything that is going on inside RavenDB.

Future work will be divided into separate stages.

  • 4.0.x – maintenance releases for the 4.0 line. Only bug fixes go into this, with the aim of doing little work on this area as possible, to ensure high stability.
  • 4.1 – minor features, bug fixes and additional spit & polish based on actual production usage. This is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2018.
  • 4.5 – big ticket features, tentatively scheduled for September 2018.

All of these releases are going to be backward compatible. So you can use a client from 4.0 to talk to a 4.1 or 4.5 server and you will be able to do rolling upgrades between versions.

This is really interesting place to be at, we are on the cusp of finishing over two years of a major effort and I’m just bouncing with so much excitement at having this at your hands.