RavenDB 4.0 Alpha is out!

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imageFor the past two years or so, we have been working very hard on RavenDB 4.0. You have seen some of the posts in this blog detailing some of the work we have been doing. In RavenDB 4.0 we have put a tremendous amount of emphasis on performance and reducing the amount of work we are doing. We have been quite successful. Our metrics show a minimum of 10x improvement across the board, and often we are even faster.

I’m going to be posting a lot about RavenDB 4.0 in the next few weeks, to highlight some of the new stuff, this time in context, but for now, let me just say that I haven’t been this excited about releasing software since the 1.0 release of RavenDB.

You can download the new alpha here, we have pre-built binaries for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Raspberry PI. Mac OS support is scheduled and will likely be in the next alpha.

The alpha version supports building databases, working with documents, subscriptions, changes, indexing (simple, full text and map/reduce). There have been significant improvements to indexing speed and how they work, memory utilization across the board is much lower and CPU utilization is much reduced.

We aren’t ready to do full blown benchmarks yet, but a sample scenario that has RavenDB 3.5 pegged at 100% with 45,000 requests per second has RavenDB 4.0 relaxing with 70% CPU with 153,000 requests per second.

We would like to get feedback on RavenDB 4.0, and so please download the software and give it a whirl.

You need to make sure that you use both server & client from the same version (older versions will not work with the new server). We actually have a couple of clients, we have the updated client for 4.0, which is pretty much the same as the old client, just updated to work with the new server, and we have a completely new client, which is built to provide much higher performance and apply the same lessons we learned while building the server to the client code. Over time, the new client is going to be the default one, but while we aren’t there yet, we want people to have access to it from the get go.

Please remember that this is pre-release alpha software, as such, bugs are expected, and should be reported.