Turning bugs into features

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I’m using R# for over a decade now, and it has gotten to the point where I’m actually able to utilize R# bugs to get things working better for me.

In this case, the scenario is using the Find Usages as a refactoring aid. I have a tricky refactoring to do, which require me to touch several pieces of code. In order to handle this properly, I start by Finding Usages on the relevant item. In this case, ByView.

Then I go to each of those code locations and make the require modifications.


So far, so good, but on complex scenarios, it is hard to remember which portions I have done and which portions are still left undone. In order to handle this, I Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Z the line I find. R# detect this as a change to the code that invalidate the found usage, and suddenly, I got a nice todo list with a strikethrough for completed tasks.