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NH ProfWhy you should use it

This is a screen shot one of NH Prof’s users has sent me:


A picture is worth a thousand words, I believe is the saying. But in this case, I think it is worth about 1755 queries.

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Fabio Maulo

4 minutes was not enough to understand that something should be studied more deeper ?

Frank Quednau

More than 6 alerts per entity? Amazing...


I believe this qualifies as "studying deeper"


A picture is worth a thousand words...

..and you seem too selfish, which is more that a thousand words indeed.


isn't Select N+1 when you select entity after entity, each in its own query?

Then how can you have 890 select N+1s with only 501 entities loaded?

Also, why would there be a large number of individual writes for a select?

Maybe it's because I don't know NH or NHProf, but I don't think I understand this picture fully.



Select n+1 means you're executing the same select statement several times in a session, selects that probably return the same entities. So nothing wrong with the screenshot. Also in the same session he is doing some updates.

Erik van Brakel

This is exactly what my experience was with using NHProf, although less severe. Usually it's not hard to figure out what's happening (or at least get a gut feeling), but with NHProf it's so easy to spot the errors! I was hesitant at first, but when the possibility to use it for Java Hibernate seemed to be possible I was sold ;-)

Brian Henderson

One step forward, two back.. (i.e. One db call, for every 2 alerts) something wrong with this picture. (1735/3534)

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