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NH Prof new feature: Unbounded result sets

One of the things that I am doing with NH Prof is not only giving you visibility into what NHibernate is doing, but also trying to automate my own experience in analyzing best practices and problematic usages of NHibernate.

NH Prof will detect usage patterns and warn against bad practices and suggest how to deal with them. The first one that I implemented was detecting Select N+1, and the feedback from the beta group was "Wow! I didn't even know that we had this problem, but casual use with the profiler immediately showed it."

Here is the newest feature, detecting & warning about unbounded result sets:


And the actual warning:



Mats Helander
12/24/2008 06:08 PM by
Mats Helander

I like where you are going with this! :-)


Tobin Harris
12/25/2008 12:52 PM by
Tobin Harris

Very nice! I just read about that in the "Release It!" book too. Nice that you've got NH Prof spotting that possible flaw.

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