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NH Prof new feature: URL tracking

Now that is what I call a hard to build feature. Well, it wasn’t hard, it was just tedious to do. This feature required me to modify 66 files(!). Since I pride myself on the mostly frictionless nature of NH Prof, that was annoying. The real issue was that this required that I would change all layers in the application to start tracking the URL from which the event was generated. Since we have a rigid separation between the different parts, and since we track so many things, it was mainly an annoying task to go and add a URL to all of them.

Anyway, you probably don’t really care about my trouble in implementing this feature, let us talk about the actual feature.

We can track which URL opened a session:


And even which URL is responsible for each session:


This is the first of the last three features that I have left. I’ll discuss the other two shortly.


Peter Morris
01/18/2009 08:21 AM by
Peter Morris

I believe this was one of the reasons the EventArgs approach was decided on in .NET events.

I know you aren't using events, I'm just observing :-)

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