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NH Prof: An important milestone

Yeah, this now works:


And if you wonder why I am happy about something that looks very similar to what already worked months ago, you are right.

What you don’t see is that this version of NH Prof uses the revised backend, which I have talked about before. This backend use the pull vs. push mechanism, and it is supposed to allow us much higher performance than before.

And no, this branch is not merge to the public builds yet. Give us a few weeks.


04/22/2009 07:31 PM by

When does HProfiler come out? (and I intentionally left out the 'N')

Ayende Rahien
04/23/2009 07:03 PM by
Ayende Rahien


After I am done with the v1.0 for NH Prof

04/23/2009 07:43 PM by

Ayende, you're breaking the model. With Rhino Mocks and this tool, LINQ, and lambdas I want to run into the arms of C# now instead of the other way around! I don't know whether to cheer or to cry...

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