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Arne Claassen

Heh, I just ran into that second rule last night, since i also write my tests using the underscore notation. I was torn for a second, since I am well trained by ReSharper to follow their advice, but i think i'll just have to live with blue squigglies in my tests. Unless there is a way to disable rules on a per project basis in the same solution


cool. personally still not on the R# boat though because my only experience installing it messed up all my key bindings and i've been cross with it ever since. I'm a keyboard guy; I can't live without my keybindings being right.

I suppose I should probably try it again.

Kyle Baley

In the Naming styles, you can configure it to recognize method names with underscores. There are two options: alllower and Firstupper. As far as I can tell, you can't have it recognize one or the other on a class by class basis but you can tell it to recognize both styles (UpperCamelCase and First_upper) globally.

Neil Mosafi

Yeah I noticed the underscore complaints... you can suppress it with a comment:

// ReSharper disable InconsistentNaming

I put that at the top of my specs which does the trick


For suggestions that you don't always like to follow but would still like to know about, you can change the blue squiggly underlines to a smaller, less prominent line that won't be highlighted in the sidebar:

Resharper->Options->->Inspection Severity

Change "Show as hint"


I don't know about earlier versions of Resharper, but with version 4.5, you can have multiple naming convention rules for any given element. For instance, I use both UpperCamelCase (not sure about this rule name) and lower_case conventions for method names to avoid the exact message that you show here, Oren.

Frank Quednau

Take the suggestion, take it :)

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