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NH ProfQuery Duration

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One of the more popular requests for NH Prof was to be able to track query duration not only for select statements, but for all statements. It took a bit of work, I’ll admit, far more than you would probably assume from the screen shot, but it is here:


What you can see now is that the duration is divided into the time a query took in the database and the total time a query took. For the most part, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between them, but it is occasionally interesting to see the difference. It is also a far more accurate measure than the one that we used to have.

This is available from build #349, and using NHibernate’s trunk or 2.1.x branch.

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It probably has been asked before, but can one buy a source code of NHibernate profiler, and if, what "licence restrictions" would it have?

I know it isn't wise to release it from your point of view, but I asked anyway =)

Ayende Rahien


I haven't given it much thought, what do you want to do with it?


say if one would like to use it (modified, indeed) for another, competing, ORM framework...

personally being me I would not let it go out having now clear advantage in this field...

Ayende Rahien


Most source licensing agreements also include in-house only limitation.

What you are talking about is something else, which is selling the technology. That is a much more expensive proposition.

James Spibey


Did this change make it into NHibernate 2.1GA?



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