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New Uber Prof Concept: Cross Session Alerts

We have recently been doing some work on Uber Prof, mostly in the sense of a code review, and I wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to add a new feature. The problem is that we couldn’t really think of a nice feature to add that we didn’t already have.

Then we started thinking about features that aren’t there and that there wasn’t anything in Uber Prof to enable, and we reached the conclusion that one limitation we have right now is the inability to analyze your application’s behavior beyond the session’s level. But there is actually a whole set of bad practices that are there when you are using multiple sessions.

That led to the creation of a new concept the Cross Session Alert, unlike the alerts we had so far, those alerts looks at the data stream with a much broader scope, and they can analyze and detect issues that we previously couldn’t detect.

I am going to be posting extensively on some of the new features in just a bit, but in the meantime, why don’t you tell me what sort of features do you think this new concept is enabling.

And just a reminder, my architecture is based around Concepts & Features.


Remco Ros
02/25/2011 05:10 PM by
Remco Ros

Very nice,

Hope a next step would be to even further broaden this to multiple stream sources.

This can give insight over multiple applications. ie. from start to end in a web/desktop > service > messaging environment.


02/26/2011 12:19 PM by

Counter of sessions opened by one request. More than one: error. In terms of web apps it should not be hard.

Getting one entity in multiple sessions without modifying - hint for caching possibility.

Aggregations like: average number of connections per session to show if batching should be done

I'm not sure, if I should writing any more:P

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