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Macto: Day to day life

So the officer shows up in the morning, logs into Macto, and… what does he sees? What are the day to day operations that are required?

This is usually much harder to figure out, because there isn’t any particular action that initiate things, it is usually the routine stuff that trips you.

Since we are mostly interested in the Inmates legal statuses, every day, we need to start with an Action Plan:

  • Which Inmates go home today?
  • Which Inmates’ incarceration should be extended?
  • Which of the Inmates need to go to court?
  • Notify interested parties about Inmates who are scheduled to be released soon.
  • Are there any Inmates who should have been freed but are still hanging around?

Again, note how limited our scope is. We don’t deal with things like cell searches, scheduled drills, etc. Those are happening in any reasonable prison, and they probably need to be tracked, reported on, and scheduled. But those things are pretty much Routine Military Activity (same as the requirement that every soldier re-qualify on firearms once in some period), and there is probably software out there that already does it. We are focusing on the Dossiers, and that is a complex enough world on its own.

Did you notice the actual difference between the first two items of the action plan? What is the difference between them?

Inmates which gets to go home are usually those that were sentenced and served their time. Inmates whose incarceration should be extended are Inmates whose authority for incarceration is time limited, and would have to be released. However, there is usually a reason why they are incarcerated, and that usually means that instead of letting them go, we have to take them in front of a judge to extend the incarceration period until they are finally sentenced.

This part of the system is basically reports and alerts. It gives the user the information about what sort of actions should be taken to ensure that we don’t run into habeas the curpus scenarios without good answers.


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07/26/2011 11:53 AM by

What you just did in here is a description of a dashboard, isn't it?

Ayende Rahien
07/26/2011 03:30 PM by
Ayende Rahien

Scooletz, I don't know, maybe. I am setting up what we need in these posts, I am not talking about the actual impl.

Chris Wright
07/26/2011 04:15 PM by
Chris Wright

Who's getting transferred into and out of the prison today?

I take it the "should have been freed but are hanging around" category includes those who got released but didn't have anywhere to go immediately (relatives scheduled to pick them up the next day or something)? Does it include any other situations?

Ayende Rahien
07/26/2011 04:48 PM by
Ayende Rahien

Chris, Oh God, no. They stopped being inmates, they are no longer tracked by us. The fact that we may have put them in the crew's quarters for the night is not pertinent to the fact that they are free to do as they wish.

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