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MactoTalking to nasty people

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Well, so far we have looked at the main screen and the Counting screen, it is time we introduce ourselves to the Inmate screen as well:


As you can see, there isn’t a lot going on here. We have the Inmate’s Id, name and location (including noting where he is located, if he is known to be outside the prison). We don’t usually care for things like detailed information in the normal course of things (the Inamte’s national id, for example). That information is important, but usually not relevant, we relegate it to a separate screen.

The dates for incarceration and scheduled release are also important, but they aren’t available for editing, they are there only for information purposes.

The note is there to make sure that highly important information (such as whatever the Inmate is suicidal / flight risk) would be clearly available. The same is true for the Cliff Notes version of the Record.

It is there not for casual use, but to ensure that pertinent information is available. Most importantly, note the last line there. Which means that if this Inmate is about to be released, we have to notify someone and get their approval for that. Well, approval is a strong word, we notify them that they need to give us a new Warrant for the Inmate, but we can delay releasing him (say, until midnight the day he is to be released) waiting for that Warrant.

Warrants are important, and you can see the ones that this guy have listed here. The last Warrant is the important one, the others are shown for completion sake and to ensure that we have continuous Warrants.

There are also several actions that we can do to an Inmate. We can Transfer him to another prison, Release him or Add a Warrant. Each of those is a complex process of its own, and I’ll discuss them later on.

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Alex Beynenson

Thanks for this series. Very interesting domain for sure! Just one minor insignificant thing to point out: I believe you're referring to "Cliff's Notes" as in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CliffsNotes

Damien Guard

Really enjoying this series - it it's actually interesting to understand the domain issues as well - far too often people resort to ones they think you'll know (ordering, blogging) and it gets boring fast.



Best screen mock-up I've ever seen

Leyu Sisay

Shouldn't the inmate id in the URL and form match?


Oh noes, it's zombie Bin Laden!

Ayende Rahien

Leyu, Yes, but that is mostly a typo in the mockup

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