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Macto: An end to end sample

It looks like what people would really like to see is an end to end sample of all the things that I have been talking about lately.

The problem with doing that is the scope that we are talking about here, it is pretty big, and there are some interconnected parts that would be hard to look at in isolation. To make things a little bit more interesting, building a “best practice” application is dependent on far too many variables.

Given all of that, I decided that I might as well copy a good idea and try to emulate Rob Conery’s Storefront series of webcasts. What I absolutely refuse to do, however, is to create Yet Another Online Shop.

Hence, I have another forum, dedicated to this specific task, where you can discuss what you want to see.  We need to decide what is the application, what are the requirements, etc.

Please have the conversation in the forum, which would make it easier to track things.

I think that I can promise at least two or three webcasts to come out of it, including the full source code.


07/25/2009 05:00 PM by

The "in the forum" link redirects to Rob Conery's blog.

07/25/2009 07:46 PM by

i wasn't a fan of end to end sample suggestion, but this sounds impressive.

Derik Whittaker
07/26/2009 08:38 PM by
Derik Whittaker


This is going to be great, but is also going to be a ton of work :(

07/27/2009 03:56 AM by

UserVoice.com is down?

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