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Krzysztof Kozmic

yeah - it is helping.

I had a session with NHProf yesterday and it was invaluable.


Tools answering the age-old "what the heck is my system doing" question tend to be invaluable most of the times :)

Fran Knebels

I agree, I was profiling my app yesterday and got the alert that I might be missing an inverse on my one-to-many mapping. I lost 50,000 superfluous update statements. fantastic.

Ori Almog

Absolutly cool, linqtosqlprof, 120 queries to 4 now THATS the business!!


Seriously, the best tool purchase I have made since ReSharper. And I get to support an OSS guy in the process. Win/Fucking Win.

Arnis L.

I'll help with advertising. :)

NHProf really really works. All of that can be done manually using plain sql profiler, brains and some hours digging around. But it's WAY much easier with NHProf.


Out of curiosity, would there be a way to use NHProf as a replacement for plain SQL profiler? Some of the 'brains' built into the tool would probably be valuable beyond profiling NHibernate, LINQ2SQL, etc.

Janus Knudsen

Hi Ayende

What is the difference between NHProf and SQL Profiler? provided that we use SQL Server.

Why should the choice be NHProf?

Or did I miss something vital?

Arnis, jdn: remember that SQL Profiler is much more than just a statement tracer :)

Without knowing anything about NHProf, NHProf doesn't show anything near the detailed information we get from SQL Profiler.


Why would anyone follow coding horror tweets? Jeff is an idiot.

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