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NH Prof stress testing

Just run NH Prof through a stress test to see how well it handles scenarios where you just throw data at it.

I run into a few interesting bugs (mostly related to threading), which were luckily simple enough to handle.

The end result was:


Which is pretty impressive, I think. Just to give you an idea, we used to test NH Prof against the NHibernate integration test suite, which isn’t even half of what I threw at it now.

There is a small problem, however, the profiled application is capable of outputting data faster than NH Prof can process it. That means that unless there are some rest periods, NH Prof is in somewhat of a problem here, because it will never catch up.

I’ll post some more about how we can solve this.


Frank Quednau
09/21/2009 08:07 AM by
Frank Quednau

What happened to the other 169 transactions that were neither committed nor rolled back?

Ayende Rahien
09/21/2009 09:57 AM by
Ayende Rahien


They represent transactions that were abandoned (no explicit commit/rollback)

Ayende Rahien
09/21/2009 10:02 AM by
Ayende Rahien


I am not going into that discussion again, your comment was deleted.

09/22/2009 09:09 AM by

I guess Alex's comment was about...

__in soviet russia, you don't need profiling...

or was it a new article "why I don't believe NHProfiler" ?


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