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Things you never want to hear from a support person dealing with a production server crash

I got all of the following during a recent support call to deal with a hard server crash:

  • I have never seen something like that before.
  • Our internal tools crash when they connect to your servers.
  • We are probably not going to recover this server.
  • You do have a backup, right?

Thankfully, it turned out to be something stupid that was fixed very quickly. But it sure was scary.


09/22/2009 10:09 AM by

you do have a backup, right?

Alex Simkin
09/22/2009 11:11 AM by
Alex Simkin

So, what was that stupid thing?

09/22/2009 11:17 AM by

You left out the most interesting part! What was the problem?

09/22/2009 12:22 PM by

I always start those conversations with, "No sweat, we'll just restore your backup." It's more fun to watch them puke sooner than later.

I figure if I waste 1/3 of my life doing backups everyone else can too.

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