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NH Prof feedback

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Every now and then I am running a search to see what people are thinking about NH Prof. And I decided that this time it might be a good idea to share the results found on Twitter. I am still looking for more testimonials, by the way.


You are welcome :-)


I am not sure if that is that much of a good thing, though…


I certainly agree :-)


Should I worry about it or use it as a marketing channel? Remind me something from a Batman movie.


Go for it :-D






Wait until you see some of the bug reports that I am seeing…


That is the point.


Hm, I am not sure that I am happy to be the center of a life changing event, but as long as it is positive…


That was a damn hard feature to write, too.


What can I say, I agree.

And assuming that you got to this point in the post, I am doing a lot of work on NH Prof recently, getting it ready to v1.0. As a reminder, when I release v1.0, the reduced beta pricing is going away…



I'm not doing a lot of data access development lately, but the first thing I'll do when that happens, is buying NHProf


I ended up buying it too. Best investment I have made in my developer toolbox since ReSharper.

Gabriel N. Schenker

I find myself writing quite some articles and/or tutorials about NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate. NHProf is an invaluable help in such situations. First of all it nicely formats and displays what is happening behind the scene and secondly it gives many good advice how to improve the quality of the data access code.

Lately I had to find a bug in a second level cache provider that we use in our application. Again NHProf helped a lot to track down the and fix the bug.


Hi Oren,

haven't tried NHibernate profiler yet, as we are using/testing other O/RM right now. But on the next project we may consider NHibernate and Fluent Nhibernate mapping framework.

So our question is, will it help us find bugs/give some guidance of using Fluent mappings or you aren't puting your time into this right now?

We know there are dozen of xml mapping resources out there (thanks for your excellent article series in the last weeks) but we would be thankful of getting some help to fluentnhibernate mapping with some tool in the future.

Yes, and I know this is not what profiler is about, but just to give you an idea what to implement in version 2.0...maybe ;-)


Ayende Rahien


NH Prof is agnostic to how you configure NHibernate. You can use Active Record, Xml files or Fluent NHibernate, and it will show the data and analyze it appropriately.


My company bought 3 licenses and the tool is an invaluable time saver when "dealing" with NHibernate. We are currently performance tuning the app and have been able to easily see N+1 select issues with this tool. I think this tool could help propel NHibernate into more of the mainstream as well. I wouldn't start an NHibernate project without it at this point.

Is WPF with gradients causing the app to be slow? That would be my only complaint is that it's sluggish for some reason ( even when not actively profiling NHibernate ).

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