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Post scheduling

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This is a general announcement about a change in the way that I am posting to this blog.

One of the more frequent feedback items about the blog was that people find it hard to catch up with my rate of posting. This is especially true since I tend to spend some days posting a large number of posts, and I feel that the sheer quantity reduce the amount of time people dedicate to each post (hence reducing its quality).

I have started making use of future posting to a high degree (almost all of the NHibernate mapping posts were written in a day or two, for example, but spaced over about a month). I don’t really try to keep any sort of organization, except that I am going to try to keep the maximum number of posts per day to no more than two. Each new post is just going to the back of the queue, and will be posted then.

Currently I have scheduled posts all the way to mid May, but I think it will get higher. This is good news in the sense that you are almost always going to get at least one post per day from me, but it does mean that sometimes posts that are written together are stretched over a period of time. Or I may refer (usually in comments) to posts that will be posted in the future.

There is no real meaning behind the timing of the posts, unless there is something special that happens in this date, so you may leave the conspiracy theories to rest :-) .


Harry M

When was this written?

Spooky. Ayende may have been dead for months and we wouldn't know.

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