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We just went live with our project, it wasn't really real until I saw the customer check out the site from his phone. The recent weeks has been very busy, but they were filled with either (a) SSIS curses or (b) browser comparability issues. We are ahead of schedule, and managed to push two updates from what was declared to be "ready-to-ship".

Oh, another thing I feel like mentioning, I left work early today, and yesterday. (We had a single crunch day in the entire project)

We still have stuff to do, but it is shipping!



What do you believe are the major reasons why this project came in under time and without alot of overtime of the developers behalf? Is there anything specific, or just a good collection of people?


Ayende Rahien

Good people, great (supportive, understanding) customer, good foundation.

The most important criteria is the ability to push a release in under a minute, and having a viable release for the customer to play with very soon after the project started.


Were you using Cruise Control, or some type of continous integration?

Ayende Rahien

We started to, but it ended up taking too much of my time, entirely my fault, so we have a build script and we use that.

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