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The Small Comforts of Life

Today I managed to capture a screen shot of an SSIS error that had drove me crazy, and I sent it to my boss, it looked something like this one. I had the pleasure of hearing him repeating "But that is not possible" five or six times, it sounded familiar, that is what I had said when we started to run into this.

As an aside, I have create the I Hate SSIS page on my wiki, there is a impressive number of issues up there.


Joel Mansford

I've noticed something really bizarre in SSIS where if you have a load of tasks inside some kind of FOR-Loop container the inner tasks don't return to white after the first iteration.

Thus you have tasks showing yellow (running) with dependent tasks still green. I've not seen what happens if one errors, probably something similar to your screenshot!!

I would put it on MSDN Connect, but I'd just get told it's 'By Design' ....


Thanks for the Wiki. I've had a few discussions with a new client about things not right with SSIS, and this is going to be an excellent resource.


I wondered - why use it then? wouldn't it make more sense to write whatever you need in C#?

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