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Support Triage

We got a call to the office.

We have a huge problem with our system, you need to come and help us right away. This is a critical system and we need immediate response.

That kinda of annoying, of course, but it is all part of the service. So, in order to log the appropriate items into our system, we asked:

What is your order id? And what is your support contract number?

And the answer was:

Oh, that was handled by another department, I’m not sure.

So we asked them to figure that out and send it to us, and waited. The call came at noon, but 7 PM, I sent them an email.

The reply I got back was:

We’ll try to find the order details tomorrow.

I guess it isn’t so huge, critical and immediate problem any longer…


Beyers Cronje
03/19/2014 06:54 AM by
Beyers Cronje

That the Hurry Up And Wait syndrome, see it often with customers.

03/24/2014 12:24 PM by

You just helped them find someone else to blame. That's just as good as a solution.

Alex Rice
03/25/2014 04:41 AM by
Alex Rice

This blog post is just snarky. You could have taken 1 minute to search for 'Company X' and see what kind of license(s) they own. Shrug.

Ayende Rahien
03/25/2014 07:17 AM by
Ayende Rahien

Alex, What made you think that I didn't do just that. We couldn't find any order for that company, therefor this attempt.

Alex Rice
03/25/2014 02:03 PM by
Alex Rice

A ok good. That is just implicit/assumed in the blog post, and i was up way too late. RavenDB has very good support as far as I've seen!

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