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Everything falls down in its proper place

As we are getting ready for the RavenDB Conference, our team is actually starting to show the fruits of all of this hard work. For example, take a look at the new studio replication UI configuration. There are a lot of things like that, and I am really pumped to see all the disparate things that we have been doing over the past year come together and join up into a single and very pretty picutre.



Chris Marisic

All of those buttons need much better contextual information on what they actually do.

"Disabled: Enabled|Disabled" ^ what?

Skip Failover, Y/

Judah Gabriel Himango

Hey Chris. What are you thinking - tooltip? A "?" link with more info?

Kijana Woodard

For that one, maybe just dropping the label would be an improvement.

Chris Marisic

Judah remember all hover tooltips are useless for touch devices. Touch input has no ability to "hover".

Ayende Rahien

Chris, Most touch devices has the concept of one touch = hover, two touches = click.

Alex Rice

Hey the new studio is looking nice!

I agree the item Enabled : Enabled | Disabled is confusing upon first read. Maybe rename it to Replication: Enabled | Disabled,

Chris is right, there is simply no "hover" state using most mobile touch devices (ios, android, etc.)

My only reason for responding this thread I just finished reading Dont Make Me Think by Steve Krug :)

Judah Gabriel Himango

Mobile isn't the primary way I see people using the Studio. But it should reasonably work. In the case of hover on mobile, touching the element will indeed work.

I didn't actually build this piece of UI, but I can follow up on it.

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