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My name is Oren Eini
Founder of Hibernating Rhinos LTD and RavenDB.
You can reach me by phone or email:


+972 52-548-6969

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@ayende: That's a nice toilet paper roll you've got there :)

Ayende Rahien

It is there to cleanup the inevitable spills

James L

Bleak! Put up some art or something

Kristof Claes

How do you like the keyboard? Do you experience any improvement in pain in the wrists/arms/shoulders? How long did it take you to get used to it?

Ayende Rahien


That keyboard is THE reason that I can still type today. It didn't take long, and I am loving it.


Yeah, I love that keyboard! I have several of them. I have it at work and at home.

Last month I was working offsite and using somebody else's machine. I lasted about 3 hours before I ran up to Fry's and bought one to use.

I can't type for long stretches of time without it.

Rob Ashton

That's a nice office, what it needs is a visitor with long hair and a beard to help you with a bit of RavenDB on some sort of coding working holiday.... ;-)

Alexander Nyquist

Damn, i'd kill for that large, clean table you've got. Nice!

Joao Braganca

I got the same keyboard. It totally saved me! Can't believe they sell so cheap now.

Itamar Syn-Hershko

Adam, we do, and we were able to boost performance in about 2-3 times just by losing unused features of Json.NET. And more is coming.


Is it the picture, or my imagination? Or, you lost a LOT of weight? nice offices by the way.


Ayende, what exactly keyboard model is it ?


It is the whole team, or maybe you hid someone?:>

You have a lot of space in there, don't you?


What keyboard is that?


Thanks Matt

Avi Block

Is that Fitzchak or Yitzchak?

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