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NHibernate Profiler update: Client Profile & NHibernate 3.x updates

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We just finished a pretty major change to how the NHibernate Profiler interacts with NHibernate. That change was mostly driven out of the desire to fully support running under the client profile and to allow us to support the new logging infrastructure in NHibernate 3.x.

The good news, this is done Smile, you can now use NH Prof from the client profile, and you don’t need to do anything to make it work for NHibernate 3.x.

The slightly bad news is that if you were relying on log4net conifguration to configure NH Prof, there is a breaking change that affects you. Basically, you need to update your configuration. You can find the full details on how to do this in the documentation.


Daniel Lang

This update ist pretty awesome and helps me a lot! Thank you!


I used the profiler and its pretty neat. One thing I found troubling is the N + 1 problem.

I was expecting the profiler to "highlight" the code that is doing this and suggest (may be) a way to avoid this thing. Not only a stack trace.

If it could show the Query source not just the "Sql" version ... that would really shed some light .

Cause I'm eagerly fetching the required data, still a lazy loading of the same data is triggered from somewhere which calls the database for N + 1 times (for same record).

What I would like to see in the profiler, in addition to the sql query, the source query or entity which "caused" this query to go to the database with a hint to do a better thing ...

I hope this is not hard to implement ...

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