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Debugging Win32 crash in NH Prof

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One of the things that happened when I pushed the UberProf build of NH Prof out is that people started complaining that trying to load a saved snapshot would crash the application. It took me a while to reproduce that, but I finally manage to get this:


When I tried to debug it, all I got was this, and native stack trace that I had no way of actually resolving.


Trying to reproduce the problem in the debugger resulted in the same experience. I tried playing around with WinDbg for a while, but I am not very good at that, so I gave up and tried something that I find useful in the past. Tell Visual Studio that I want it to capture all types of exceptions, not just CLR exceptions:


Using this mode, I managed to get:


This led me to inspect the CancellableWaitBoxView.xaml, which contains:


And now it all made sense. With the UberProf builds, each profiler has a distinct assembly name. The problem is that this XAML refer to the master assembly name (which I use for development). 

The reason this issue was hard to fix was that it is WPF window failing, and then somehow that exception is being swallowed and translated into a native error dialog, I am not quite sure why. Once I knew what the problem was, the fix was quite simple (using assembly resolve).



This is strange, I've got an error dialog with the "BindingFailure" text in it whenever I run the latest build (544 I think). I have no clue why you only get native stack.


He did not know that fusion was involved.

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