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have you ever thought about joining Microsoft as a tester? :)

Kelly Stuard

@J - haha - second that!

Ayende Rahien


No, I am using the delegate passed to the async method

Justin Etheredge

If you are going to make a statement like this, then shouldn't you at least show the situation under which the error occurred? From what you have shown us, it is hard to ascertain if your claims are indeed true, or you are doing something wrong and just blaming it on the .net MSMQ apis.

Ayende Rahien


Null Reference is almost always a bug.

In this case, I am access the AppSpecific property on a message, and it throws this error.

This is caused because of a bug in certain scenarios in which even though the queue is set to accept AppSpecific, it doesn't


An assert failing in production code means that some invariant somewhere is no longer true, and that the author of the code considered such a situation a bug.

Therefore Oren's statement is valid.

Justin Etheredge

@Ayende Thanks for the clarification. I didn't doubt that it was a bug on their part, I just like seeing what caused them so that I know in the future where the dragons may be.

Ayende Rahien

No, that is actually not an assert that is failing.

The assert is in my code.

The problem is that NRE.


@Mr Anonymous

Hey no fair - you stole my handle.

Jeremy Gray

Though context is and always would be helpful (or at least more informative ;) ) I'm with Oren on this one. NRE == bug.

Bruno Martínez

You should stop relying in ObjectDisposedException and not touch an object after disposing it. Think of ObjectDisposedException as a debuging aide.

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