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With identical code I get


CompletedSynchronously: False

IsCompleted: False

Wait completed : False


CompletedSynchronously: False

IsCompleted: False

Wait completed : False


sorry, missed to the comment about "messages in queue2". Too late... Same result as you.


Erm, according to MSDN,

BeginPeek() Initiates an asynchronous peek operation that has no time-out. The operation is not complete until a message becomes available in the queue.

So when there are no messages, the peek would never complete. What am I missing?


It's not good practice to reuse an object after it's disposed, right? I'm sure examples like this exist all over the BCL; especially cases where one is using BeginXXX after disposal.

Michael McDaniel

I also had weird problems with MSMQ, but the problems only happened when I was using the async functions/events. I found them to be pretty unreliable - especially when failures occured. Things would just stop working - no reason, no exception, the thread would simply die. It was so inconsistent, that I ended up just polling on my own threads.

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