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Hibernating Rhinos #10 - Producing Production Quality Software

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Don't get used to the deluge of the screen casts, I usually do them with months apart, not a mere day.

At any rate, this screen cast is another significant diversion from my usual style.

To start with, it is a zero code webcast, and it would probably would well as a podcast, although I think that the artwork and presentation is still important.

Anyway, this webcast is focused on several lessons learned from unsuccessful project, what are the kind of things that we should pay attention to, and how we can avoid them.

It runs just under 40 minutes, and it is pretty intense.

As I said, this is a new approach for me, and I would like to get your feedback on the matter.

You can download it at the bottom of this page: http://ayende.com/hibernating-rhinos.aspx


Evgeny Shapiro

Much thanks for the video.

Very interesting.

The Ops DB concept as well as the environment validation brings the idea of KPI (key performance indicators) to the dev/maintenance field. Smth that is already heavily used in business to track plans and policy conformance.

It looks like a maintenance framework is going to arise on this (KPI creation, alarming and reporting). Or is there any already?

Ayende Rahien

I am not aware of anything OOTB that gives you this, I am afraid.

Adam Tybor

Nice screencast Oren, The Ops DB and Environment Validation were the most interesting to me. I am currently on a large brownfield application where these two features would be very welcomed.


Big thanks Oren, it is most educated screencasts I am awaiting for :) although I was not expect the #9 and #10 release so close such a surprise :D

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