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Wacky Traveling Schedule

Well, I spent almost two hours yesterday just getting things organized for the coming couple of months. It was only when I actually sat down to start making reservations that I figure out what I had set myself up to.

2nd Oct - 16th Oct - London, there is a ALT.Net beer night on the 14th that I am looking forward too.

27th Oct - 29th Oct - Dallas.

30th Oct - 2nd Nov - Austin for the ALT.Net conference there.

2nd Nov - 15th Nov - New Jersey.

16th Nov - 22th Nov - Sweden, for Ørdev.

Oh, and there is DevTeach as well at the beginning of December, but I am not thinking that far ahead.


Benny Thomas

I suddently got an urge to attend @ ØreDev.. Its only a 2 hour flight from where I live.


Oren, what will you be doing in Dallas?


Hahaha :) Let me know if you have time to hang out. Anybody else in Dallas?

Ayende Rahien

I will probably have time to do so on the evening of the 28th


It is entirely possible Oren might be inviting to either Dave & Busters (video games) or Main Event (laser tag, video games) on one of those days he's in Dallas. Wouldn't be opposed to any and all showing up.

Ayende Rahien

Just to set things straight, I am arriving on the 27th and leaving on the 29th, so the only evening that I have for fun is the 28th.

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