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MonoRail.HotSwap in Action

Colin Ramsay has a short screen cast showing the advantages of using MonoRail HotSwap. I should mention that the startup times that you see in the screen cast are for empty projects, for real world projects they are much longer.

And yes, that is how I say Ayende. :-)


Colin Ramsay
09/23/2007 09:06 PM by
Colin Ramsay

Phew, I'm glad I didn't cause mispronunciation-offense! I'm looking forward to seeing this idea in action in a bigger project, but I thought a screencast might help to push the idea forward.

Dave Newman
09/27/2007 10:29 AM by
Dave Newman

Wow! I was thinking im gonna have to buy a quad-core machine with 4 gigs of ram to get my rebuild times down, but this is great stuff!

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