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IL Weaving - Mystery wrapped in an Enigma containing Frustration

Okay, here is another exampe of using Cecil, but I think that you can figure out what I think about having to deal with raw IL.

Feel free to figure out what this does, and why I would be interested in such a thing. BTW, in Boo to Boo, that sort of thing so painless. Having to deal with the raw IL takes all the fun out of it.

I know about Cecil.FlowControl, but as far as I can find, this is mostly (only?) for reading assemblies. I am looking for a way to have a reasonable AST over cecil. This is not scalable no matter how you cast it.

import Mono.Cecil

import Mono.Cecil.Cil

class DisposableAttribute(Attribute):

      def Process(t as TypeDefinition):

            disposed = FieldDefinition("___was_disposed",t.Module.Import(bool), FieldAttributes.Private)


            t.Interfaces.Add( t.Module.Import(typeof(IDisposable)))


            for method as MethodDefinition in t.Methods:

                  cil = method.Body.CilWorker

                  ins = method.Body.Instructions[0];


                  if method.Name=="Dispose":



                        cil.InsertBefore(ins,cil.Create(OpCodes.Stfld, disposed))



                  wasDisposedLoc = VariableDefinition(t.Module.Import(bool))

                  method.Body.Variables.Add( wasDisposedLoc )








                  cil.InsertBefore(ins, cil.Create(OpCodes.Brtrue_S,ins))

                  cil.InsertBefore(ins,cil.Create(OpCodes.Ldstr, t.FullName))

                                      t.Module.Import(typeof(ObjectDisposedException).GetConstructors()[0]) ))


Chris, compiler!


Jb Evain
05/29/2007 11:02 PM by
Jb Evain

Being able to get a complete AST from a Cecil assembly, being able to modify it and to save it back is one of the goal of the Milo [1] framework. The goal is to combine Cecil.FlowAnalysis, a modified Boo AST and Cecil.

Even if we're sort of busy, Rodrigo and I are working on that.

[1] http://code.google.com/p/milo

Max Bolingbroke
05/30/2007 07:48 AM by
Max Bolingbroke

I've been trying to implement some of these macros for .NET too.. am I to take it you already have such a project on the go? In particular, have you been able to implement DefaultAttribute ala Boo? I couldn't work out how to reference the attribute constructor parameters from the generated IL..

BTW, your blogs "email" field does not accept some well formed emails, in particular those with a + in the first part of the address..

Paul Burns
05/30/2007 08:32 AM by
Paul Burns

Firstly, thanks! I've been reading the blog for a few month now after being slamdunked into the world of .NET, C#, Monorail and full time coding.

Have to say its been a good way to get on the bandwagon and keep up with anything and everything. Not that I understand alot of it, but I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Secondly, I have a request.. While I can always go away and read up about the topic of your posts if necessary, sometimes I'm confused by the acronyms. I don't know how useful it might be to everyone else, but as a suggestion some kind of automated text to link conversion for your acronyms might be good.

ie) 'Monorail' pointing to http://www.castleproject.org/

Anyway, just a suggestion, I know it's not going to be too high on your priority list right now :-)

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