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CodePlex SNAFU

I found this mostly by accident, but it looks like a few weeks ago CodePlex has lost the source code for some of the projects hosted on the site. I would like to address the part about "free means no guarantees" that came up in the post:

CodePlex is a free service.  They've provided complete source code hosting along with one heck of a website and never asked for a cent in return.  So, I really can't hold it against them.

I would.

Regardless of the legalese involved. I have certain expectations from such a service. And having reliable backups is one of those. I don't care if it is free, SourceForge had ensured that there wouldn't be much point in charging for source control for open source projects, so I am not surprised that it is offered as a free service.

CodePlex's stated goals are to host and support open source projects, I assume that it is also meant to show off Microsoft's technologies. That is nice, except that the fact that a project is OSS doesn't mean that its source is not mission critical data that really should be safe.


04/29/2007 02:35 AM by

It's no surprise to me -- I wrote about it a while back. See "CodePlex: Did they forget to back up a server?" on my blog: http://www.sidesofmarch.com/index.php/archive/2007/04/16/codeplex-did-they-forget-to-back-up-a-server/

Pretty sad situation for a service run by the biggest software company in the world. CodePlex is short of features (compared to SVN) and performance is rather poor. If this is "showing off" it's not much of a show.

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