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A developer so retarded

I just run into this post, that talks about a presentation about mocking, and included this statement (about using Rhino Mocks):

I once heard a story about a developer so retarded that he and his team spent a good amount of time trying to debug a mock only to find out that he forgot about ReplayAll()*.  Who hires guys like that anyway?

That developer, it would be me, and it can happens quite often. And I wrote the tool, so I should know what I am doing when I am using it.

Stuff happens, it is easy to forget a line of code and waste some time as a consequences. The most common sentence from me when I am developing is "Oh, man, I am so stupid that I did that".

To give an example that would be a bit easier to grok, what is wrong with this code:

using(TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope())
   Appointment[] appointments = SpanOnCalendar(appointmentSepc, DateTime.Today, DateTime.Today.AddDays(7));
   foreach(Appointment appointment in appointments)



04/28/2007 06:47 PM by


The developer in question that I was talking about was ME. I forgot to put the note in there.

I have to edit that right away - now I just sound like an ass!

04/28/2007 07:03 PM by

You forgot the commit.

Ayende Rahien
04/28/2007 07:27 PM by
Ayende Rahien

How many time did you made this error before you learned to see the code that isn't there?

04/28/2007 07:41 PM by

Too many times to count :-)

Ken Egozi
04/29/2007 05:57 PM by
Ken Egozi

A guy on my team has recently spent about two hours trying to figure why an email is not being sent from some action, just to find out that there's a AppConfig switch named "LogEmailsButDontSendThem", set to "True" on dev machines.

That's not about being a retarded dev. He is actually a very promising and talented young guy, and he is generally doing a very good work.

Shane Courtrille
04/30/2007 09:28 PM by
Shane Courtrille

Hahaha.. Justice is all about upsetting the big names these days :)

05/01/2007 07:07 PM by

I think we know some key differences between Ayende and the Other Developer We Can Never Name Again Through Threat of Legal Action...;)

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