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How The Dog Ate Rhino Mocks

So yesterday I sat down to see what I can about the remaining Rhino Mocks bug, when I was suddenly and viciously attacked by a wild beast. After the inital confusion, it turn out that the mad barking and the slavering wasn't, as I concluded at first, an indication that I am edible, but rather that Rose has found a bug in Dynamic Proxy.

It is not often that I turn to a canine for a bit of advise about runtime IL generation, but Rose is something special. Below you can see her concentrating on the part that handle generic method invocations.

(Image from clipboard).png

And here is me trying to get a fair share of the keyboard, I believe in Pair Programming, but Rose just won't let go of the keyboard. She has a remarkable words per minute count, although her spelling is a bit off at time (but then again, so odes mine).

(Image from clipboard).png

I don't blame her for the spelling, she is just a puppy, five months old and still growing. She is a Caucasian Shepherd, which means that she is likely to get much bigger (she is about the size of a full grown German Shepherd now).


Tomer Gabel
02/25/2007 09:09 AM by
Tomer Gabel

A relative of mine has a 10 year-old Caucasian shepherd, a beautiful and intelligent dog. Be aware though that they have a bit of a crazy streak in them, so Rose may require a bit more supervision than you're used to in a dog.

But nothing beats having the biggest, furriest dog around -- particularly if you like to grass-wrestle :-)

02/27/2007 11:35 PM by

Grass wrestling is one of the best things you can do with a large (and partly insane) dog :)

Rose is adorable!

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