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Moved to Orcs Web

Well, if you are reading this I have successfully moved to orcs web.

The transfer was fairly smooth, except they don't support MySQL. That wasn't an issue, as a matter of fact, since I am using Cuyahoga, it was a simple matter to change the config and make it work with SQL Server. I was worried about transferring the data, but it looks like MySQL has fairly strongly export capabilities, including into formats that SQL Server can consume.

Beyond that, it was a breeze...

Now I only have to wait for the DNS records to update.


shawn hinsey
02/25/2007 02:15 AM by
shawn hinsey

I have no idea if it was related to your move, but the RSS problem I mentioned earlier is gone!

02/25/2007 08:19 PM by

Aren't the expensive as hell ? 150$ a month .... ???

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