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First RavenDB webinar is now on YouTube

We now have the first webinar posted on YouTube. All details here:


Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow us to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, so we have to split all webinars and talks before uploading them. That is annoying for you as our users, and takes us a lot of time in pre-processing. You can help us both by participating - commenting and rating videos. The more positive action we have, the faster we can get that limitation removed. We will appreciate your help with this.

See you in future webinars.


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Igal Tabachnik
09/11/2011 08:51 AM by
Igal Tabachnik

You should upload it to either vimeo or viddler, both have unlimited video even in free accounts, and you also get HD. Much better than YouTube, especially if you have code.

09/11/2011 09:18 AM by

Use vimeo for that. I think the site is much "cleaner" than youtube

Fabian Wetzel
09/12/2011 10:24 AM by
Fabian Wetzel

I had the same restriction of 15 minutes at first. After posting some videos I got promoted. I am now allowed to post longer videos so it will maybe the same for you.

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