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New blog is up

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The new blog is up, and it has all been relatively painless. One thing that I learned, I can centralize servers and drop one of my machines, because it seems like I am using a lot less resources Smile, I might even do that tomorrow.

I thought that it would be fun to detail how it worked using feedback from twitter. In timeline order, here are the the tweets and my responses…


Yes, it is a real blog. Theme support isn’t something that I actually care about, so it is mostly CSS if you want to switch between stuff, but it is all there, and quite simple to figure out.


That was during the update process, I disabled comments on the old blog.


Success! We aimed to give you the exact same feeling, externally. There are a lot of good stuff that are there, of course, but I’ll touch them later.


We actually never had search Smile, but we will do some form of search soon, yes. RavenDB integrates very seamless, and the code is beautiful to work with.


Yes, it actually counted the root url, not the post url. Was actually surprising complicated to solve, because I run into a problem with string vs. MvcHtmlString that caused me some confusion.  I understand why, it just brings back bad memories of C++ and std::string , cstr BSTR, etc.


Working with RavenDB is a pleasure, and I try to avoid RDBMS if I can.


That was the goal Smile


Yes, we worked hard to ensure that there are no broken links, and I even think we managed to get it right.


Never thought to do so, but a great idea, implemented.


Agreed, that would be a good idea, go right ahead: https://github.com/ayende/RaccoonBlog/


Happy to hear it.


I tend to fix minor stuff, there now.






ASP.Net MVC3 for the UI, and some very minimal infrastructure.


I sense a theme here…


Yes, we use different ids for the RSS, so that caused a lot of ids to show up, but it is a one time thing, and it wasn’t work the effort to maintain ids.


Um, what are you doing in this post?


Sparse is one way of putting it, it is a lot closer to non existing. We probably will create some sort of system tests, but I don’t see a lot of value in those sort of tests, mostly because most of the code is basically user interface, and that is usually hard to test.


Forgot to add the appropriate CSS there, I fixed that. And I had an issue with desc/ asc ordering for the next/prev posts. Fixed now, thanks.

Overall, I am very happy about the new blog engine.



A footer at the bottom of the page would be nice... It currently looks like the page stopped loading in the middle....

Like the joke: "why does an elephant has a tail? so it won't end abruptly!"....


I can see the link next: A public request for code review: Raccoon Blog

and its broken, of course its a future post. The Link shouldnt appear at all.

Ryan Heath

Are the lastest comments section missing?

// Ryan


Holy smokes it's fast now.


plz take care of the rss. probably there is a problem with dates. google reader shows 20+ updates each time.

Victor Kornov

Not to sound like a dick, but this new blog thing has screwed my Google Reader timeline like 3 times already. A bit tired of clicking through them by now.

Alex K

Fast, but not as fast as it could be. Check out YSlow plugin report, there are several areas in which the new blog is scoring quite low (though I never run it against the old blog, so it might still be an infinite improvement.). A biggie is that it looks like you don't have gzip compression enabled in your IIS (or whatever you are using).

Don't know if you care enough with such details for a blog, though.

Ayende Rahien

Firo, Thanks, will be fixed soon.

Ayende Rahien

Ryan, Huh? I am not following

Ayende Rahien

Alex K, Thanks, we will certainly do that at some point. The major thing here is that we have done no perf work yet on the blog, and we got so much praise for being fast.

Ryan Heath

Ayende, Check out http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:72TuYhyz20AJ:ayende.com/Blog/archive/2009/09/24/ayende.com-is-moving-servers-ndash-some-interruption-may-result.aspx It is the section Recent Comments what is missing ;)

// Ryan



broken link :)


On webkit mobile browsers (iPhone, Android) there is a wide (about 20%) whitespace to the right of the right-hand orange bar.


I think there's something wrong with the future post feature.

It shows your next post as 'less than a minute from now' for a few hours now :-)


Altough it doesn't show up on your blog home page or in the post list. I can browse to the direct link: http://ayende.com/blog/6145/a-public-request-for-code-review-raccoon-blog

João P. Bragança

Um weren't there a lot more comments here before? I remember reading a lot more than the 16 that are on here right now..

João P Bragança

Sigh, ignore my last comment please. Got this confused with a different thread.


Its noticeably faster, good work ayende! Did you do any load testing to compare old and new blog engine?

Danimar Ribeiro

Hello, I'm great follower of your blog. I would know some statistics of your blog, running over RavenDB. Thank you. Great blog.

Paul Cox

Fantastic to see a sample MVC app from your team.

I love the blog but it's hard to keep up with the comments, that can contain just as much content as the blog in some cases. Is there any chance you could add a per article comment rss feed with the last feed item being "the comments have been closed"?


I think your download link is broken.


There is a problem with url sent to feed :) They look like this http://ayende.com/blog/blog/5121/new-blog-is-up?utmsource=feedburner&utmmedium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AyendeRahien+%28Ayende+%40+Rahien%29

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