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RavenDB: Safe by default design – it works!

Originally posted at 4/4/2011

One of the things that I really tried to do with RavenDB is to make sure that it is safe by default, which means that it will automatically detect common errors and warn you about it.

Today I run into the following Stack Overflow question.


What can I say, it works!


04/17/2011 01:33 PM by

It's a good default, but it's also classic example of safe by default is not understood by default.

Perhaps the warning could include a link to a page explaining what's going on and why.

04/17/2011 04:34 PM by

Bravo! A link is what's needed for those mortals among for us with Simple Minds who can write bullet-proof software without the need (or desire) of propeller caps.

Richard Dingwall
04/17/2011 09:59 PM by
Richard Dingwall

If only all libraries and frameworks threw error messages like this.

Ashic Mahtab
04/18/2011 08:39 AM by
Ashic Mahtab

So much better than "An exception of type System.Exception was thrown". I'm looking at you TFS. Total F'in Sh*t.

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