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Code review ranking methods

Originally posted at 3/8/2011

I use a sort of a ranking sheet when I am doing code reviews. I recently run into one that was really horrible…



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03/14/2011 02:18 PM by

Have you met any project which passed this nicely set threshold and have a positive value of a review?:P

03/14/2011 02:26 PM by

I take it the developer was fired...

Harry M
03/14/2011 02:47 PM by
Harry M


"Use SSIS to migrate data to RavenDb"

Ajai Shakar
03/15/2011 02:06 PM by
Ajai Shakar



I take it the developer has a really secure job, makes twice as much, and even a column size change keeps him gainfully occupied for yet another month


Chris Marisic
03/23/2011 06:18 PM by
Chris Marisic

I think we need some more context, I'm not really sure whether that - 2 gagillion was by you given to someone, or was a score given to you.

Alessandro Riolo
04/04/2011 01:52 PM by
Alessandro Riolo

About SSIS, you are being either too optimistic either too kind ... 6 years ago I did the mistake to propose to use that to my then employer, a bit like proposing to shoot myself in the head really ...

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