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The best bug reports are pull requests

I just got the following bug report, I’ll just let you read it, and I have additional commentary below:


The great fun with getting a pull request with a failing test is that the whole process of working with this is pretty seamless.

For the one above, GitHub told me that I need to run the following command:

git pull https://github.com/benjamingram/ravendb.git DynamicFieldsBug

I did, and got the failing test, from there it was just a matter of fixing the actual bug, which was rather simple, and nothing that even smelled like ceremony.


01/27/2011 07:25 PM by

I much prefer a cryptic email that doesn't really describe the problem very well, includes no examples or source code, but instead just contains an accusation that the bug is holding up their development.

01/27/2011 07:27 PM by

Oops, comments ate my /sarcasm closing tag. :)

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